Page Menu in Looker Studio

The Page menu lets you add, duplicate, and delete pages. And also navigate and manage the page settings.

Page Menu in Google Data Studio
Page Menu in Looker Studio (Formerly known as Data Studio)

Page Menu

New page (Ctrl+M or +M)

Insert a new page to your report

Duplicate page

Duplicate your selected page

Delete page

Delete your selected page

Current page settings

This will open a popup window, and you can customize the data source, page background color, and canvas size for the selected page.

Hide current page in view mode

To hide the selected page in the View mode

Manage pages

This will open a popup window, and you can Rename, Duplicate, Delete, Hide in view mode, select an icon, and rearrange the page order.

Next page (Pg-↓)

Navigate to the next page

Previous page (Pg-↑)

Navigate to the previous page

First page (Home)

Navigate to the first page of your report

Last page (End)

Navigate to the last page of your report