We believe that all, the individual, smaller and large corporations and politicians, have a responsibility to protect natural resources, reduce CO2 emissions and waste, and respect the individual human being independent of race, color, religion or gender.

We are no saints, but every day we try our best to reduce our carbon footprint and support people in need and nature.


We work from home with energy coming from renewable sources (solar, water) or in shared office space.


Our means of transportation are by foot, bicycle or public transportation (none of us possess a car as a company nor as individuals).


For meetings outside our city, we take the train. We have a zero flight policy. However, in case we need to travel by airplane (long-distance) we will compensate for the trip through Atmosfair (


We are daily conscious about minimizing our waste and resources through i.e. reusable packaging and grocery bags ( We buy only what we really need and where possible second-hand/used, and repair where possible and organic products. We avoid printing on paper and the majority of our office equipment is brought used incl. computers and smartphones (refurbished due to data protection).

1% for the Planet

We commit to giving 1% of our gross turnover each year to approved nonprofit partners supporting self-help and education for women and children in need and planting trees.

Self-Help Groups for Women in India

Funding for Self-Help Groups (SHG) for Self-Help and Solidarity in India. A SHG is usually composed of 12 to 25 local women between the ages of 18 and 50. More information can be found at World Bank and here.

Plant a Tree

Trees help clean the air we breathe, filter the water we drink, and provide habitat to over 80% of the world's terrestrial biodiversity (

Sustainable Partners

We will continue to identify sustainable partners and NGOs to further reduce our carbon footprint and support sustainable projects.

Codes of Ethics

Many industries have professional standards of conduct to help guide members of their respective communities by giving them guidelines to aspire to, and guidance in navigating ethically challenging situations. Specifically, in the digital analytics industry, the Digital Analytics Association (DAA) has published The Web Analyst’s Code of Ethics. 3Pie Analytics agrees with the DAA Code of Ethics, and as analytics, we have additional guiding principles when working with our clients.

We hold ourselves to these standards because we take responsibility for protecting the companies and organisations we consult with, protecting their customers, and protecting the reputation of our company and the analytics industry at large. These ethical guidelines contribute to open, trusting, and collaborative relationships with our clients.

The 3Pie Analytics Analyst Code of Ethics centers around four themes:

Privacy. 3Pie Analytics promises:

  • to protect your customer’s data.

  • not to collect data for the sake of collecting data.

  • to stay informed of privacy legislation.

Integrity. 3Pie Analytics promises:

  • to strictly enforce data quality.

  • not to falsely interpret, fabricate, or embellish data.

  • to thoroughly explain and document your data.

Honesty. 3Pie Analytics promises:

  • to tell the truth, even when it is bad news.

  • to be forthright and accountable if we make mistakes.

  • to follow the golden rule: We would never advise a client to make a decision that we wouldn’t make for our own business. When we partner with clients, we approach all aspects of every project as though we were a member of your organization and make every effort to set you up well for the future.