Why use Google Looker Data Studio?

Whether you run a small or medium-sized business or a department in a big corporation any online presence should be using Google Data Studio for 3 key reasons:

1. Access To Multiple Data Sources: Connect to all your data sources to one single point bringing your insights together. 

There are numerous sources that Google Data Studio can extract data from and interpret to bring value-added information to your business. 

 With Google Data Studio, it becomes easier to pull data from: 

In addition, there’s also the option to utilize third-party Data Connectors and scrub data from: 

In a single view, you have access to all of the data essential to your online presence.

2. Data Customisation: Create meaningful visualization, reports and dashboards in just a few clicks

Google Data Studio allows you to see all of your data sources and marketing channels in one single place. Using the same tool, the dashboard can be customized and laid out appealingly in the form of various graphs and charts so that it's easy for your to read and understand. . These reports can also be easily saved and shared as a PDF.

3. Real-Time Sharing and Collaboration: Easily collaborate and share information across your organisation

Google Data Studio is a real time saver for informing and collaborating with your entire team. Access can be granted to the team, and they will be able to contribute to the decision-making process while depending on the analytics.

Google Data Studio also provides real-time analytics, not only to a single individual, but also for an entire team. Lastly, an individual or team can also filter data to their specific needs. i.e filtering data for a specific country or specific campaign performance.