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Background and Border in Looker Studio

Background and Border offer ways to customize the appearance of charts individually or on the report level. For instance, you may want to customize your charts to match your company branding color. Consistent and meaningful use of color makes your reports more attractive and easier to understand. You can apply color and border options to every available chart in Looker Studio (Formerly known as Data Studio),. If you are unsure about a uniform design, please use the standard design available in Looker Studio. The color and style settings of these designs are set so that the reports are visually appealing and suitable for color-blind users.

Background and Border in Google Data Studio
Background and Border in Looker Studio

Configuration Options

  • Background Color: Any

  • Border Radius: Up to 100

  • Opacity (Background color fill capacity): 0-100%

  • Border Color: Any

  • Border Weight: Up to 5

  • Border Style: Solid (━), Dashed (⁃⁃⁃), Dotted (•••), Double (═)