At 3Pie Analytics our core service is the building of your own customized Google Data Studio Dashboard. A tailored Dashboard will help generate a multitude of high-quality reports to help you better analyse and understand the consumer behaviour and performance of your online business. Additionally, 3Pie offers support and maintenance of your Dashboard, depending on the type of Data Sources that go into it. Finally, we offer training for team members on your new customized Dashboard.

Google Data Studio Review


First, we will list and review your currently available data and data sources to identify if you need a third-party Data Connector. For example, feeding the Facebook Data directly into Google Data Studio would require a third-party Data Connector. Please see our Code of Ethics for any data collecting. You can also find out yourself if you need a third-party data connector here.

Google Data Studio Access


You then provide us with access to your data sources or sample data in i.e. Excel or CSV. In case, data needs to be fed in manually from i.e. Excel, you have the option to do this yourself or for 3Pie Analytics to do it for you.

Google Data Studio Objectives


For a truly customized Dashboard we need to understand your objectives and long-term goals. Do you want to use Google Data Studio Dashboard as a standard reporting - or business intelligence tool across your organization?

Google Data Studio Building


Based on your objectives we will design and build the Dashboard that is specific to your needs, which also includes the style and formatting of your wish. On top of that, we also take your organisations branding color, font, and tones into consideration while designing your dashboard.

-> In case objectives are not defined at this stage, we will design and build according to your industry and your data sources. This process will likely at the same time help you to identify your objectives and define long-term goals.

Google Data Studio Test


Once we have built your customized Google Data Studio Dashboard, we will do a test run and together review, and work on any feedback, input or further needs or requirements you may have. Note that building a Google Data Studio Dashboard is a valuable process where you can gain new knowledge and insights that you might want reflected in your Dashboard.

Google Data Studio Approval


Once finally approved by you, you provide us with the list of users who need access to the Dashboard and we grant access to those user groups only. Due to data sensitivity and protection, we have a standard process that whoever needs access to the Google Data Studio Dashboard must be approved by your organization.

Google Data Studio Onboarding


We will then do the necessary on-boarding and training for users to ensure all are ready to go and comfortable digging into data and using features. Q&A session and key observations.

Google Data Studio Live Dashboards


Your customized Google Data Studio Dashboard is now LIVE and right at your fingertips. You can easily unlock the power of your data with the interactive dashboard and prepare beautiful reports and convert knowledge into smart actions.

Google Data Studio Support


For now, our job is done. However, if you need further support, i.e. formatting and uploading offline files, i.e. Excel, CSV, or ensuring that your dashboard runs smoothly 24/7, in particular, relevant if using third-party data connectors, we can provide you with ongoing support and maintenance.