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Familiarize yourself with Looker Studio Interface, Menu and Features

This will help you to find the features you are looking for. Most of the features only visible in Edit mode

Interface, Menu and Features in Google Data Studio
Interface, Menu and Features Looker Studio (Formerly known as Data Studio)
  1. Looker Studio Home Page

  2. Report Title

"Looker Studio Guide_3Pie Analytics", in this example
  1. Publishing settings.

"Draft version", in this example💡 Only if Manual Publishing is activated for the report, located under File > Publishing settings > Turn on Manual Publishing
  1. Menu title

  2. Undo and Redo

  3. Mange pages

Report Pages > List of the pages in the right panel. "Page 1 of 21", in this example
  1. Add data

  2. Add a chart

  3. Community visualizations and components

  4. Add a control

  5. URL Embed

  6. Image

Upload from computer or by URL
  1. Text

  2. Line

Arrow, Elbow connector, and Curved connector
  1. Shape

Rectangular and Circle
  1. Theme and layout

  2. Reset: Reset filters and other selections that you've made

  3. Publish

💡 Only if you have "Turn on Manual Publishing"
  1. Share: Add people and Manage access

This will open in a popup window
  1. Share drop-down arrow

The option includes, Invite people, Schedule email delivery, Get a report link, Embed report, and Download report
  1. View

  2. Ellipsis (⋮) or Three dots or More options

💡 Only for Report owner and Editor, and the option includes Refresh data and Make a copy
  1. Help

  2. Google Marketing Platform Home

  3. Your Google Account > Add an account > Manage account > Sign out