We Build and Maintain Your Customized Google Looker Data Studio

3Pie Analytics is dedicated to building your a tool that allows you to quickly make sense of all your data: Using Google Looker Data Studio, we build and maintain your customized Dashboard - a cockpit to control your marketing activities. 

Google Looker Data Studio is a data visualization tool that connects with a bunch of different sources and lets you present data in clear and understandable graphical formats. 

This makes data presentation and data retention much easier and helps to tell meaningful, emotional, and engaging stories to make key business and marketing decisions, i.e.:

What’s going on? – Is the traffic up or down, are people generally engaged with the content, do they convert (i.e. subscribing to the newsletter). 

What’s interesting? – what content drives people to the blog, what are the most visited landing pages, and which ones are engaging people more? 

Where do people come from? – What channels work for driving traffic, is this traffic of high quality (i.e. do people engage?)